NO on Measure 15-119

Jackson County government is already struggling to pay its bills and provide basic services such as public safety and libraries. Priorities we all support. Measure 15-119 makes a bad county budget even worse. Voters should reject Measure 15-119 because it’s a cost we can’t afford when essential services and programs are already being cut.

Medford Mail Tribune:
Believe science, not ideology, in GMO debate

"There are not bad people on either side of this debate locally, and it's unfortunate that it has proven so divisive in the farming community. It would be vastly more unfortunate if voters ignored the science and supported this measure.
Vote no on Measure 15-119."

~ Medford Mail Tribune Editorial, April 27, 2014


Diverts Taxpayer Dollars

Measure 15-119 diverts taxpayer dollars away from existing county services to pay for the administration and enforcement of a new program we don’t need.

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Invites Frivolous Lawsuits

Measure 15-119 subjects farmers to new regulations and frivolous and costly lawsuits that will sap their finances and threaten their livelihoods and families.

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Even regulates home gardeners

Measure 15-119's regulations would extend far beyond crops and into homeowner’s yards, regulating lawn seed, some nursery plants, carnation flowers and even medical marijuana.

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