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Don’t Lose the Farm in Divorce


There are a series of mistakes not to be made when seeking a lawyer for divorce. We advise you to follow the different rules below to find a divorce lawyer so that your wife can’t take the farm from you.

Choosing a divorce lawyer: the law is vast and has many areas of specialty. In the case of divorce, not all lawyers are equal. So always choose a lawyer specializing in divorce, like Attorneys that specialize in family law, and if possible specialized in divorce and matrimonial affairs.

Do not implicate your loved ones: Even if your best friend is a family lawyer, do not implicate him! If you know your lawyer personally, it may have an impact on your file, or even spoil your friendship. Go for an objective advocate and detached from your personal stories.

Trust Word-of-Mouth: To find a competent lawyer, it may be useful to trust word-of-mouth. A parent, colleague, friend, recently divorced? Ask him if he can recommend his lawyer. If a friend recommends someone who has helped him with any other legal problem, do not listen to him. It is absolutely necessary to contact a divorce lawyer, a guarantee of competence in this field.

Be aware of divorce lawyer tariffs: A divorce process necessarily has a high cost. Do not start a procedure if you are not aware of your lawyer’s rates. The latter must communicate them to you clearly from the first appointment. If he does not or seems to evade the tariff issue, feel free to choose another divorce lawyer.

Check the availability of your divorce lawyer: It is essential that your divorce lawyer be available when you need it. Naturally, no lawyer will provide you with a hotline to answer all your little concerns, but your lawyer must be available, and able to set an appointment (telephone or not) within 48 hours after you have asked for it. If your lawyer is unreachable or impossible to contact, change it!