Things to eat in Australia before leaving

by webmaster

Tourists flock into Australia year after year to indulge in the rich scenery, natural attractions, sandy beaches and the exuberant culture. There are many things to do in this country, like playing some aussie online pokies that are famous around the world.

Of course with all the gambling, sight-seeing and moving around, you will have to eat at some point. Australia has a rich farming history and when they aren’t busy with other things they grow a lot of good foods outdoors on their farms.  Australian dishes do not disappoint. There is utterly no need to say you have experienced Australia if you haven’t tried out their dishes. It is a huge part of the Australian culture and a lot of interest has gathered around Australian cuisine. Here are some things to eat in Australia:

Crocodile and kangaroo meat

One of the delicacies in Australia is kangaroo meat and is a popular protein source for the locals. It is a bit tough as compared to beef or mutton because kangaroos are more muscular. Kangaroo meat is nonetheless very delicious and can be served rare and/or with vegetables as steak, kangaroo (roo) sausages and also kangaroo meat pie. Crocodile meat is another dish you have to try before leaving Australia. It is different from kangaroo because it’s white meat but it is also chewy and neither tastes like fish nor chicken. Crocodile pizza is a famous delicacy in Australia or you can opt to get crocodile meat marinated in coconut and served with spinach. Great choices of red and white meat for meat lovers.

aussie pavlovaPavlova

The pavlova is a popular dessert that was named after a famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. A meringue dessert, it is soft in the center and has a soft crust usually topped with whipping cream or fruit. The fruit toppings may include berries, fruit pulp (e.g. passion fruits), kiwi and strawberries. Its origin is in contention whether it is from New Zealand or Australia. Either way, Australians like to dig into some Pavlova and it is a dessert which will melt in your mouth.

Anzac biscuits and Tim Tams

Anzac biscuits are nutritional snacks that were once served to soldiers far off in Gallipoli in World War 1. The recipe ensures they last long by eliminating eggs and have oats hence are very nutritious. Anzac biscuits are an awesome treat which everyone should try when in Australia. Tim Tams on the other hand are popular even outside Australia and have not been phased out since they were introduced in America in the 60s. They are two biscuits coated in chocolate and have chocolate cream in between them. You can get Tim Tams in white chocolate and milk too and they go well with coffee or tea. Whichever way you take them, there is no wrong way to enjoy Tim Tams.

aussie-seafoodAustralian seafood

Since Australia is surrounded by coast and sea water, seafood is a favorite delicacy across the country. Instead of asking yourself what things to eat in Australia, try some seafood. From crispy barramundi to delicious Australian prawns served with curry and mouthwatering oysters, Australia does not disappoint. Salmon is also pretty popular with dishes such as smoked salmon and salmon teriyaki being preferred by locals. The crab served in Australia is also exquisite with several species available such as spanner crabs, blue swimmer crabs and mud crabs among others. You cannot leave Australia without trying the seafood otherwise you’ll be missing out on some awesome dishes.